Woodland management

Woodlands are wonderful, aren’t they?

They’re calm and peaceful. The air feels cleaner. And wildlife can thrive there without worrying about disruptive humans.

But they do need managing. Looking after woodland takes long-term planning and strategic know-how.

And that’s our bread and butter.

How do we help?

You maintain your house, right?

You tidy when you need to, fix things when they break, and continually improve them so it suits your needs.

Well, woodlands are no different. And they’re home to far more species than anything brick-and-mortar.

Our role as woodland managers is to protect and ensure the sustainable future of these ecological and arboricultural havens.

We’re talking disease control, hedge laying, coppicing, wildlife habitation, and lots more.

And it’s vital. Woodlands make up around 10% of the UK, and proper management means the trees, plants and animals they contain form part of the healthy and rejuvenative ecosystem we desperately need.

Let’s talk

If you own an area of woodland or are planning on building something in one, we’ll help you get woodland management right.

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