Bespoke habitat features

When it comes to protecting biodiversity, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

Different species need different habitats. And, unsurprisingly, freshly-cut lawns don’t fit the bill for many.

If you really want to do your bit for wildlife, your best bet would be to use native, natural materials to create features that’ll provide shelter and security for all sorts of creatures.

We can help you here.

What’s involved?

We’ve designed and built loads of bespoke habitat features over the years.

Features that don’t look artificial, new or out of place – like rock piles, ponds, dry stone walling, and dead hedges (which protect more invertebrates and small animals than their name suggests).

When it comes to creating these features, we’re not cavalier. We take the time to design them properly, ensuring they look the part and do the job we want them to do.

Let’s chat

If you’re interested in hearing about the features we could create for you – whether it’s for a specific project you’re working on, or just out of curiosity – get in touch today.