Wildflower meadows

Wildflower meadows are wonderful.

They’re havens for all sorts of fascinating insects, and, in the warmth and light of the summer sun, they paint fields and hillsides with the most gorgeous colours.

You’ve probably walked through a wildflower meadow before. Do you remember how sweet the floral smells were? Or how the yellows, reds and blues all swayed together in the breeze? Or how quickly your worries evaporated when you first heard the gentle buzzing of the bumblebees?

Now imagine having your very own.

We’re qualified to help

Darwin Ecology is an accredited contractor of Wildflower Turf, the UK’s most prominent wildflower meadow experts.

This means we’re qualified to select and install the correct turf for your specific site.

But before we get to that point, we’ll visit your site to see whether a wildflower meadow is feasible. We’ll assess its features and test the soil before offering our solutions.

Having your own wildflower meadow is like having your own mini rainforest. It hums with wildlife, and it’s always beautiful.

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